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Used Oil Collector Franistown
Used Grease collection Botswana
Used Oil Collector Gaborone

Time to catch

a  n  d    c  a  t  c  h    h  i  s    n  e  w   s  i  d  e

Used Oil Used Grease
Used Oil Disposal Botswana

used oil collector 

Oil Filters, Grease Sludge, used oil clean ups, oily water, Oily rags, Used oil collection

Botswana's No 1 

My Story.....
I once was a criminal - A fugitive from the law
Now I have reformed and turned myself into a Champ of Environmental protection Industry
Botswana's No 1 Champion !!
and there are copy kats - beware 
Used oil collector Gaborone
Used Oil Collector Rra Selepe
Soil Spillages Clean-ups
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Why Choose Us !!


Because we are the first and lasT 

We Paid for Your Used Oil 

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Certified Professional
Oil collectors
Environmentally Friendly
Soil Clean-up's
Oil filter
Collection &
Oily Rags &
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Services & OUR HISTORY 


Our History – The Birth of Rra Selepe - used oil collector 

With no relation to the literal meaning of Rra Selepe, this is another story for a cold and chilly night!  Rra Selepe is a Company which has been there for Batswana from time in memorial…….

We are the first Company in Botswana to pay for used oil, when others were taking blind advantage, and not taking cognizance of the basic idea of a fair exchange……….


Rra Selepe, was also the first company to issue Free Used Oil Containers into the market for the exclusive used oil generators to use in preventing used oil from touching the ground. We were also the first Used Oil Collector in Botswana to concentrate on the small guy – The ‘bush mechanic’, engaging with them and timeously collecting their waste.

We have a social responsibility and network beyond any other used oil collection company in Botswana with over 450 customers. Making sure we collect, every, little possible drop of oil, even for free from our precious ground.

Ours Service - Waste Managament Solutions


Rra Selepe offers a full service ‘one stop’ waste Managment solution . We offer the very basic from Used Oil Collection to more specilized hazardous waste collection like asbestos and chemicial waste disposal. We also offer Mine Waste Management Services with a full paper trail with audit procedures.

We have a fully licensed 14 000 sq Meters facility located in Ramotswa with potential storage in excess of 1 million liters. Our staff is professionally trained and can respond to any emergency. We have a wide range of waste management products in hand and in stock for rapid deployment.

We specialize in Used Oil Collection, Used Oil filters, Oil clean up's, Oily rags, Old Oil Drums collection, Grease Collection, Hazardous waste disposal, Chemical Clean up’s, including Access to Hazardous Land fills

We can also be engaged for asbestos disposal work, Oil Spill clean up's and soil rehabilitation

Rra Selepe offers a full service one stop waste Managment solution. We offer the very basic from Used Oil Collection to more specilized Hazourus wast like asbestos disposal and chemicial disposal.   

Used Oil Collection in Botswnana
Used Oil Filters Rra Selepe
Oil Spills Clean up's Botswana  Rra Selepe
Oil Spillage 
Waste Managment Botswana Rra Selepe
Oily Rags Collection Rra Selepe
Grease Collection Botswana Rra Selepe
Grease Disposal
Haz Land Fill Access
Oily Rag 
Oily Water Rra Selepe
Used Antifreeze Collection

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