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Committed to Keeping NOT A DROP OF OIL ON THE GROUND

Rra Selepe a Champ in Used Oil

Rra Selepe

Is the only 100 % vertically integrated environmental disposal company in Botswana.

Bones and Meat - Used Oil Filters

We are not selective on what/who we dispose for. Some of our competition is more receptive to collect the waste that has 2nd & 3rd level value and disregard the waste that has no value. We collect the bones too .... That’s precisely why we are the only used oil collector collecting rags and filters -- which has zero value. 


Bush Mechanics , Rra Selepe to the Rescue - Used Oil Collection

We were the only company prepared to assist the small mechanics industry. Small or Big we don't discriminate. It's our commitment to true environmental & social responsibility, a customer is a customer. We have a Legacy Mission that’s true and solid

Oil Tanks - Used Oil Containers

Rra Selepe, has a pledge to assist the market by offering free 

2 000 liter tanks. This has helped greatly to clean up used oil in Botswana.

1 500kl


Used Oil Storage


Road Tankers


Oil Filters Storage